Thursday, 29 December 2011

Anna Mott, This is who I Am! It's the way I Roll

I have the unique pleasure of my father being a World Champion Power Boat Racer from 1980 still holding many records and of course having a beautiful mother, but today I remembered a quote from my father, “Only drive as fast as you need to, to win the race”. It has taken years and maturity for this quote to settle in that comes from a Grand Prix driver yesteryear.
Tonight I was driving a treacherous stretch of road in Australia. Know as 'The Range', there is a drop into the sea one side and falling rocks on the other. Much to my dislike, it was my destination to come home to my beautiful family safely when my fathers words of wisdom came into my head. “Who's race am I in???”, I am in nobody's as I have chosen my destination.
In life we are all in a destination, we take one step at a time and we choose our steps. Tonight the rain was torrential as I live in the Australian Tropics, there are waterfalls coming from the rocks from the side and flooding all over the road. As one car would pass, my car would be drown in flooded water left on the road. Many cars had spun off the road and have been left. Many cars are sitting cautiously behind and some cars are steaming right ahead. Let them GO!
Today I learnt one of the biggest Paradigm’s of my life, where you don't have the same destination as others, someone may be going to rescue another, someone maybe being careless in the wet, but really we don't know what the other person's destination is.
I have found over the past four and now into my fifth blessed year of Racing Fashion online and now TV, I may have stumbled upon something that people may see as what they want to do or promote themselves and I welcome this and encourage it. Competition is always health as we live in a non communist nation. This gives me the chance to look at where I have been, and where I am going with construction. I have seen many innovations of how racing fashion is being portrayed and I am very happy with my own movements and destination of where I see this bigger picture taking me.
Do you know what?? When you are doing well, you don't realise!
I am blessed, this has put into perfect perspective what my life is about. My destination is my heart, my family, health and happiness. It is all so perfectly simple. I don't care for bright lights, I just want to do my own community thing! I don't want people to know me, I move from a big city. I just want to be me and make little hats and look at ladies who feel fabulous looking fantastic and bring it to you. I make no money, I don't care if I do, although my husband would like me to! But I don't care??? Interesting???
The only thing that you have to believe is that you do what makes YOU happy. My happiness may not be the same as yours, but I love to share my happiness and go on hair-brained schemes of grandeur with my friends, only to sit and have a giggle. Do you know what? I am just a person doing what I love, there is no trick, no brain child, just a person doing what they like.
Simplicity is 'The Key', don't suffocate yourself in thinking what others are doing. I am on my own path, you have to follow your own. Dream and Dream Big, we are blessed to have Dreams. x
How I live my life, and loving it. x

A road less traveled.

Paradise in the sun.

I think this is me, in my past life!   Mwah!  x


  1. Anna,
    This post really touched me. I have often thought about life and what it truly means to me. One must be happy doing what they do and have love in their lives, passion that drives them and takes them to places they had never dreamed of before. I do believe that the sky is the limit and we should all reach for the stars. x

    Thanks so much!

    Suzi x

  2. Beautiful girl, you are such an inspiration.... more so every day... thank you for sharing yourself and your journey xoxo