Thursday, 29 December 2011

Magic Millions Fashions on the Field Predictions

Magic Millions this year is going to probably be the most stylish we have ever seen. The Gold Coast is not only famous for it's gorgeous weather, but also the way women wear colour so well. When I talk about colour I am saying to take inspiration from tropical scenes an colours, I don't think 'Colour Blocking' is going to be the same after Melbourne Cup Carnival. (By the way, no one can do Colour Blocking better than Angela Menz, hands down winner) We had fun with it, like we had fun in the 80s with fluro colours, but it has been a huge flash in the pan. Head toward what Louis Vuitton have done for their Spring Summer 2012 which I adore, heading into heavenly whites with splashes and hints of colour.

Angela Menz, a brilliant worth winner of Fashions on the Field 2011, you have always been so wonderfully competitive and a great sport for Fashion on the Field around Australia.

As I am now living Queensland, I understand what it is like to see all the people from Melbourne and Sydney make their way to the warmer climate. It is not about going mad in colour or picking up Prada's last year Banana print dress, it is about the climate and keeping yourself cool, comfortable and stylish at the same time.
I live on the beach and you do see a few famous faces travelling around, but I guarantee you they are not wearing what you have been told to wear in the monthly bible's of fashion. It is about wearable happy colourful clothes.
The town motto where I live is “Care Factor, ZERO”. The tropics is about the warm colours of the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia's own very natural wonder and that is what the tropics embrace. Health and luscious growing vines and plants. I feel it is less about what name the accessory, heels and designers are in Queensland, it is more the embrace of Summer. We are heading into a new year and Magic Millions kicks of 2012 Racing Fashion.
Last year we unfortunately had the terrible flooding but this year we have nothing but a great year to look forward to.
Leave 2011 in the past and head for 2012.
Now, keep that in mind, now edit your wardrobe of what you thought was going to be the precious winning look, because if you are heading in to win it, you are not going to, feel what 2012 is going to bring to you.
Don't hire a stylist, you be who you want to be. That is the biggest secret to winning, then when you are on stage strutting your stuff, you won't need a sash to say you are a winner, because you already know you are!

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