Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Now About Hats!, by the way I used to be bald!

My love for hats and millinery started when I was 3 and has grown ever since, but yes after being very ill in hospital for months I lost all my hair and started wearing hats everyday.  This slowly became my obsession and a I became more involved with the racing scene, hats soon became somewhat of my life.
Wearing something of wearable art was always amazing, as I see designer shoes and anything designer, but when I learnt that a hat was made from a single piece of fabric I have become hooked on hats and I cannot get enough.  Hats are now my addiction, with a husband who's place in the closet has become overwhelmed with boxes of delights.
One of my highlights was last year meeting the ever so dapper and courteous Stephen Jones.  What an incredibly accommodating gentleman he is.  I would love to share with you a little clip that we took with Racing Fashion TV, now into its 4th Season.  Yes, this is something I am totally proud of because I love the fashion on the racetrack and it is now my life.  You are now seeing that my life has always been situated around a camera, but now I am doing something I love.  I am sharing the fashion and races with you.  Over the past 3 seasons I have been rubbished, copied and mimicked, but do you know what, I still love doing what I do and I am not going to stop.  I like to think that now we have a phenomenal team, we will be leading millinery and milliners.  Without the milliners being so creative and innovative we would not have the glamorous thoroughbred industry that we have in Australia.
Click Here for the exclusive interview with Stephen Jones during Melbourne Cup Carnival 2010

Just a few of my favourite hats, courtesy

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