Saturday, 17 December 2011

Planning the year ahead, where I have been and where I am going.

Pregnant at the time with my son, with Tommy Little, the Spring Spruker and Rebecca Warren. 

Yes Still Pregnant, after winning $10,000 lady of the day at Versace Magic Millions Luncheon.  Here with a dear friend from Brisbane and Queensland Icon Dale Olsson.

Talking of Dale Olsson, two of her wonderful Milliners, Ann Boyle and Meredith McMaster.

Ross Stevenson, synonymous with Racing Photography around the country again took this when I was pregnant with my 2nd child.

Myself and Dale Olsson on Melbourne Cup Day, 2010.

Myself with Anthony Capon, winner of the 2010 Designer Award at Melbourne Cup Carnival.

I thought there is no rules that you cannot wear a ball gown to Magic Millions????

By the way the Dollar Sign I made on my head because my horse Danzylum won the Chester Manifold Stakes that day.  The only horse ever in history to have won it twice.

Starting Racing Fashion TV, on Caulfield Cup day with Natalie.

My adorable friend in Canada, My beautiful Jorge for Midence Millinery.

With Dyonne Rhodes at Blue Diamond, who now has the most gorgeous daughter, who by the way I may add wore a facinator the last Crown Oaks Day just gone.

Blue Diamond Day with Peter Jago, Yago, Tomato, Tomayto and Yeojin Bae.

I love Paris and he is in Melbourne.

In Carins, with Laura Dundovic.

By now I am all sure you are beginning to get a feel for who I am.  I am actually someone who does nothing that is expected and really don't want to be the same as anyone else.  I am in total love with my husband like the day we met and totally adore my children.  Seeing where my life is taking me is fabulous and exciting, there are so many different paths in life and you just have to choose which one you want to follow.  My only goal is to keep learning everyday and treasure the friendships and to add to the already perfect life I have.  Recently my husband and I have decided to add a member to our family, a little boy Tobi, from Cambodia.  We will want to visit him soon as my brother lives in the same country.  I want to see how just a small contribution can make such a difference.  Anyway I have been reflecting on some of the images that I have with facebook, which I have been quite vacant from recently due to mainly making sure my family are on the right track enjoying the festive season.
Ok, a whole lot of photos for your so what book, but every now and then I will give you a peek of my life showing you the people and story's from my life, but right now, on with fashion.

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